The Jennings JS-VG series scales are premium, digital-precision scales designed for weighing gems, gunpowder and much more. They have a removable large Plastic Wind-Shield Cover that is designed especially for optimum use: for example, you can still operate the keypad with the Cover closed and the height is sufficient to use the included Weighing Cup (and optional Weighing Bowl) with the Cover closed. It reads in 7 modes; grams, carats, grains, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweight, and even milligrams. In addition to the Clear removable Wind-Screen, the JS-VG comes with a Weighing-Cup (for weighing powders, grains or loose gems), three AAA Batteries, Calibration Weight and a fancy, Leather-Styled Protective Storage-Box. The JS-VG scales have a Full-Tare feature, easy-to-use functionality, an extra-large Bright-Red LCD Display, and come with the Jennings 20-Year Warranty.

The Jennings JS-VG is designed for extreme accuracy and durability. The manufacturer "underclocked" this scale to make it extremely accurate, especially in Grains mode - it's definitely a power-scale!

This is the "Best Bang for the Buck" out of all the high-precision scales we sell. Customer reviews have been very strong and we feel confident that you will get many years of accurate use out of this device.

20g / 100ct / 0.7054oz / 0.6430ozt / 12.860dwt / 308.65gn / 20,000mg / Parts Counting Feature
0.002g / 0.01ct / 0.0001oz / 0.0001ozt / 0.002dwt / 0.05gn / 2mg / Counting Feature
Grams, Carats, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweight, Grains, Milligrams, Counting Feature
20g Calibration Weight (included)
Power Source
3 x AAA Batteries (included)
Weighing Platform Size
Scale Size
Huge Bright-Red Backlit LCD Display
Included Accessories
Detachable Clear WindScreen Cover - Jewelry-Box Protective Case - Grain/Gem Bowl
Special Features
Exclusive: One of the most affordable and trusted Precision-Pocket Scales on the market! - Easily Accessible Buttons (with Cover down) - Extra-Large Red Backlit LCD Display - Tare feature - Auto-Off feature
Jennings/JScale 20-Year Warranty
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Price: $76.90

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