ProScale is a leader in ingenuity when producing their scales & this one is no exception: The CameraScale-110 & CameraScale-550: these scales are designed to look unbelievably like a typical digital camera & can fool even the most avid photographer. Once you remove the Protective Cover, the scale is unveiled! It's a beautiful scale with all the features you would expect from ProScale!

Two models are available in this series: the CameraScale-110 & the CameraScale-550: they each have their own unique capacities & weighing modes (the 110 weighs in g, oz, gn & ct while the 550 weighs in g, oz, ozt & pennyweight).

As well, the CameraScale Series scales share similar awesome features that make them a best-buy & one of the premier pocket scales in the ProScale line-up: an easy-to-read bright-blue LCD Display, easy-to-use tactile keypad with Mode, Tare & Auto Calibration features, 30-Second Auto-Off, Weight Stabalization notice feature & Rubberized feet to ensure 'locked-in' weighing on flat surfaces (this feature WOWED us - this scale will STAY PUT)!

There are tons of amazing scales on the market with loads of features: what ProScale does here is combines amazing features at a budget price with a twist of flair. Dare to compare the quality - these scales ROCK!

Note: The CameraScale Series scales are digital scales that are made to resemble digital cameras: it does not take pictures (but it weighs really awesome)!

110g / 3.880oz / 1,697.5gn / 550ct
0.01g / 0.001oz / 0.1gn / 0.05ct
Grams, Ounces, Grains, Carats
100g Calibration Weight (sold separately)
Power Source
2 x AAA Batteries (included)
Weighing Platform Size
2" x 2"
Scale Size
(4" x 2.75" x .75")
Large, easy-to-read Bright-Blue LCD Display
Included Accessories
Protective Cover
Special Features
Exclusive: Tough & Durable Camera-Like Body & Casing - Stainless-Steel Weighing Platform - Easy four-button control - Tare feature - Auto-Off feature - Rubber-Grip Feet gives extra stability for accurate weighing
ProScale 5-Year Warranty
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