Introducing ProScale’s newest pocket sized digital scale – The WMobile. Designed to look like a modern smart phone, the WMobile series is available with two weighing capacities to choose from. The 100-gram capacity with 0.01g readability or the 650-gram capacity with 0.1g readability. Whichever you choose, you will receive a durable novelty scale, packed full of features, at an affordable price.

Features include a bright and easy to read backlit screen, weighing platform made of stainless steel, durable cover that doubles as an expansion tray, four weighing modes, and a full five-year manufacturers warranty. Impress your friends with this sleekly styled pocket sized digital scale by ordering yours today. The WMobile digital scale will arrive at your door ready to weigh – batteries included! You won’t be disappointed.

PROSCALE Mobile 650
Capacity 650g x 0.1g / 22.928oz / 20.898ozt/ 417.959dwt
Units Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweight
Calibration 500g Calibration Weight (sold separately)
Power Source 2 x CR-2032 Batteries (included)
Weighing Platform Size 5cm x 6.8cm;
Scale Size (6.1cm x 11.5cm x 1.1cm;)
Display Large, easy-to-read Bright-Blue LCD Display
Included Accessories Protective Cover doubles as an Expansion Tray
Warranty ProScale 5-Year Warranty
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Price: $17.90

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