The new Masterhsip from Jennings is an awesome all in one small shipping scale option. Not only can it handle any small shipping scale job you have for it, but it also works amazing as a small postal/envelop scale as well. The scale comes with dual range accuracy so it can cater to both needs! In the smaller range from 0 - 1000g, it reads in 2g accuracy for easy weighing of any envelops and pastage you have, and in the higher ranges, from 2lbs and up it reads in 0.01lb accuracy to cover all your weighing needs for small boxes and parcels. The scale has a built-in letter holder which folds up from the tray itself, and folds down after use so you wil never lose your holder, it is conveniently attached!

The scale gives easy readings with its adjustable and angled back-lit display, whatever your heright or position, you can angle the screen for whatever view works best for you! They also gave this scale an adjustable back-light, so that even when using batteries, you can save power by turning the backlight off if it is not needed for weighing!

The scale also comes with a tare feature on it as well ad a hold feature which allows the weight on the scale to be displayed, even after the item being weighed is removed from the tray. It also has a programmable auto-off feature which you can disable if you like and to top it all off, Jennings backs the scale with their usual impressive 20-year warranty!

+/-0.1oz | 0.005lb | 0.002kg | 2.0g | 0.1oz
55lb:1.8oz | 55.110lb | 25.000kg | 25000g | 880.0oz
Pounds:Ounces, Pounds, Kilograms, Grams, Ounces
Scale Size
8" x 8.5" (20cm x 21.5cm)
Power Source
6 x AA Batteries - OR - AC Adaptor (optional)
Weighing Platform Size
8" x 6.5" (20cm x 16.5cm)
20 Year Warranty on Parts or Labour
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