The i2500 Bowlscales are great for shipping, the lab, the kitchen, small animals, fish, birds and more! Their Add-N-Weigh and Full Memory features allow the cumulative weighing of up to 50 items. The Bowlscale also offers an Advanced Counting Feature with multiple sample sizes. It comes in two large capacity options to choose from: 2500 grams which reads in 0.5 gram increments - OR - 5000 grams which reads in 1 gram increments. In addition, as part of our commitment to weighing technology and the environment, we are proud to introduce the first kitchen scale ever made from a natural composite material and happy to say it's part of this series to choose from: The i5000H Hemp-Composite Bowlscale!

All these amazing scales feature the Add-N-Weigh Technology; Add-N-Weigh allows for the cumulative weighing of items. This means you can place an item on the scale, see its weight, press the Tare key, then place another item, see that items' weight, then press the NW/GW key to see the combined weight of the items. You can also press the NW/GW key again to go back to the Add-N-Weigh process. This process allows for the cumulative weighing of up to 20 items!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning on purchasing a bird-stand with your i-series scale, you can specify below if you would like a large bird-stand for large birds or a small bird-stand for smaller birds!


2,500g / 5lb 8oz / 5.5lb / Parts Counting
0.5g / 0.02oz / 0.001lb / Parts Counting
Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Parts Counting
Power Source
4 x AAA Batteries (included) - OR - AC Adaptor (sold separately)
Weighing Platform Size
Scale Size
Large Backlit LCD Display
Included Accessories
Large Weighing Bowl
Special Features
Add-N'-Weigh (allows culmulative weighing of inredients) - Full Memory (culmulative up to 50 items) - Advanced counting of items, ingredients, etc. - Huge, easy-to-read Backlit LCD Display - Professional Grade Division Load-Cells with 4 Strain Gauge Sensors Zero & Tare functions - One of the most accurate scales in its class (making it perfect for postage) - OPTIONAL Birdstand available
MyWeigh 30-Year Lifetime Warranty
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Price: $45.95

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