MY WEIGH XL 550 Digital Bathroom Scale

The XL Series High-Capacity Talking Scales are our premier talking scales & truly the best precision talking bathroom scales on the planet! These scales use Strain-Gauge Technology for incredible accuracy & precision. The Talking Feature can be turned on or off (for those times you may not want to hear it). This scale is perfect for anyone with poor eyesight, or for those mornings when your eyes are a bit fuzzy. As well, this scale can now speak in 4 languages!  The scale can speak English, Spanish, French and German.

This scale is well suited to every personal weighing need; its large, stable platform makes it easy to stand on for people of any size. It''s talking feature makes it perfect for anyone with poor eyesight, for fuzzy-eyed mornings, or for anyone who is not physically able to read a scale''s display. The extra large LCD display is designed for easy reading. The scale is accurate for people of all weights - so whether you weigh 50lbs or 500lbs this scale has been designed for your needs.
Automatic turn-on makes this scale very easy to use (just tap on the scale and it turns on). There is no fumbling with buttons or switches. Just tap once, then step on and the scale will tell you your weight!

When considering a bodyweight scale for your home, this one should definitely be on your list.

Capacity: 550lb - 250 kg
Accuracy: 0.2lb - 0.1kg
Units: Pounds and Kilograms
Display: Extra Large Digital Display
Power Source: Power 4 AA Batteries
Voice Commands: Pleasant, easy to hear voice commands
Weighing Surface: Extra Large, Stable Weighing Platform
Warranty: Lifetime/30 year Worldwide Warranty
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Price: $80.90

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