The Proscale Number series scales: 111 (aka Snake Eyes), 222 (aka The Deuce), 333 (aka Three-Weigh), 555 (aka Johnny 5) & 666 (aka Satan Scale). These digital scales are tough, durable, and priced right, but they’re not as fully featured as other scales we recommend. Before buying one of these be sure to check out the famous Jennings JS-V Series. These are definitely the best low-low cost scales on the market (better than probably 90% of the stuff we see on the market nowadays).

Let's start with the specs: each of the scale's numbers indicate two things –
How much the scale can weigh in grams & The name of the scale
. The Snake Eyes can weigh up to 111 grams (and is the only one that weighs in carats); the Deuce can weigh up to 222g; the Three-Weigh can weigh up to 333g; the Johnny 5 can weigh up to 555g & the deep-red Satan Scale can weigh up to 666g. All of the scales share the same features:

1: Four weighing modes each; 2: Bright-blue illuminated, easy-to-read screen; 3: 30-Second Auto-Off feature; 4: Unique curved shape; 5: Removable cover that doubles as an Expansion Tray/Bowl for bigger items.

While these features are available in many other scales we sell, none are as downright low-priced as these and again, we encourage you to consider others we sell as well. However if you looking for affordability & simplicity (or if you just like the names of these scales), then you've hit the jackpot!

111g / 3.92oz / 555ct / 1,713gn
0.01g / 0.001oz / 0.05ct / 1.0gn
Grams, Ounces, Carats, Grains
100g Calibration Weight (sold separately)
Power Source
2 x CR-2032 Batteries (included)
Weighing Platform Size
Scale Size
Large, easy-to-read Bright-Blue LCD Display
Included Accessories
Protective Cover doubles as an Expansion Tray
Special Features
Four weighing modes - 30-Second Auto-Off feature - Unique curved shape that's easy to grip - Snake-Eyes scale can read in Carats to 0.05 & Grains to 0.1gn accuracy
ProScale 5-Year Warranty
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